Moving Frame Media, LLC unknowingly got its start in 1991 when my grandfather brought a Panasonic NV-MS1 Camcorder to a holiday party.  I was hooked.  By the mid 2000's I was known as the guy who always had a camera and eventually friends started asking me to film their weddings.  Filming on mini dv tapes and editing on sub par software finally got the best of me and in 2007, I upgraded to HD Digital cameras and a new editing computer.  Fast Forward 9 years and we're now a team of cinematographers, editors, and animators that film and produce everything from weddings and events to corporate HR programs.  Our clients range from brides and grooms to some of the biggest companies on the east coast.  Our teams work remotely so we are able to pass overhead savings on to our clients and strive to provide them with excellence on their budget.